About Candoo Security

About Candoo Security

We established Candoo Security with the vision to meet the modern safety & security threats of clients. With 20 years of industry experience, we continue to offer professional commitments and integrity to our word by providing high quality security products with strategic knowledge of security threats and solutions.

Candoo has been a professional source of security solutions in offering both commercial and residential security services to businesses and homes in the GTA.

We have served a diverse range of clientelle including numerous retailers, industrial units, office spaces, commercial and residential properties. Our focus is to provide the most secure, effective and appealing security solution for all your needs.

Being a unique security service provider, we have introduced a range of security gates, barriers and grille that give unbreakable visual and tough deterrent against suspicious and unwelcome intruders. With Candoo Security, clients get customized security options that require no obstructing track or fitting. They are as easy to take off as and when you want them to be. In addition, clients can easily get attracted by the eye-catching lattice pattern combined with resilient high glass finishing.

Meeting Modern Security Challenges with Proactive Innovation

We bring our innovation and quality by using all the latest technology under strict standards and guidelines to meet the safety regulations in all the client locations. Our ability to create cost effective, rigid and strong security solutions provide ease of operations for all businesses and homeowners with varied interests.

Candoo Security facilitates a diverse range of security gates across Canada through our consistent research and development in the security locks and bars industry.

Candoo Security has industry associations with top professional security dealers and actively participates in advancing security solutions at trade shows and industry publications.