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commercial paradox alarm

Commercial Alarm

With An assortment of alarm triggering devices available such as Motion Sensors, Door and Window Contacts, Glass Break Detectors, Vibration Sensors and more.

Plus the ability to split your premises into different partitions (ie: Offices, Warehouse, etc) you can allow some staff to disarm one partition while not having access to another.

Combine this with a system such as the Paradox EVO to incorporate Alarm and Access Control into one system and you can easily add/remove access cards and set schedules for access and door release.

environmental alarm

Environmental Monitoring

We can provide you with sensors for Temperature (Hot and Cold), Flood, Humidity, Smoke, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas and more.

Either as a standalone unit or with a connection to a monitored alarm system.

motion detection

Motion Detection

Since 1991 Candoo Security has helped business save lots of dollars in inventory theft and shrinkage.

Usually only a small investment is required to safeguard a companies assets and that investment can be paid back in less than one year.

Also available with wireless technology built in or as an add on you can protect those areas where wiring is not an option and even protect movable assets with accelerometer equipped movement sensors.

dsc 3g3070 communicator

Cellular Backup Communications

Full event reporting as a standalone or backup in the case of landline disconnection.