Candoo Security Products FAQ Page

Folding Bars Folding Gates

What are Folding Bars?

Folding Bars are bars that come FOLDED for shipping but are actually installed unfolded in a grid pattern across your window or door glass.
Made from .5inch square steel 18 gauge tubing and powder coated for durability.The grid is a 7x7 inch square pattern and the bars come in brown or white.

How do mounting Brackets effect my measurements?

U brackets add 1/2 inch to the end

L brackets add 1 1/4 inches to the end

I brackets adds 1.5 inches from the end to the first screw hole and then 10/16 to the next screw hole

How many mounting brackets do I need?

The majority of installations use mountings on the both sides of the window, leaving the top and bottom unmounted.
If using U brackets you will only need 1 bracket for every 2 ends with a 1/2 bracket for an odd end.

Example: a 48 inch wide by 60 inch window would have 7 ends on each of the 60 inch sides needing 3.5 U brackets per side which equals 7 U brackets
(with the 7th cut in half)


20 - 222
23 - 293
30 - 374
38 - 455
46 - 536
54 - 607
61 - 688
69 - 769
77 - 8410
85 - 9111
92 - 9912

What are Folding Gates?

Folding Gates are lattice frames that store collapsed and expand to cover an opening you wish to secure.
Made from .5inch square tubing and powder coated for durability.
The lattice pattern forms diamond shapes with a 5 inch gap at the widest (middle) part.
There are optional locking methods and assorted mountings to custom fit almost any situation