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Candoo Security Products has been providing Locksmith services since 1991

and has been a proud member of The Ontario Locksmith Association since 1999.

We also service many Property Managers who rely on our timeliness and quality to keep their buildings secure.

medeco mortise cylinder

Medeco High Security

Medeco High Security Locks offers a complete line of proven security solutions.

Medeco uses patented key control systems, including patents on the keys and the cylinder, to prevent unauthorized copies of keys from being generated.

Ownership cards are issued and records kept so that keys will only be cut for legitimate owners of a Medeco key.

We offer the Medeco Patriot card program which uses the Medeco Biaxial cylinders which have a UL437 burglary rating.

schlage primus key

Schlage Primus High Security

In addition to six cuts for standard locking mechanism, there are five side finger pins to operate the secondary sidebar lock.

Primus keys will operate non-Primus locks within the same system.

Primus blanks and keyways are slightly thinner to prevent the entryof non-Primus keys, however even if a standard key is altered to allow entry, it will not operate Primus locks.

Ownership cards are issued and records kept so that keys will only be cut for legitimate owners of a Primus key.

cx5 keys

CX-5 High Security

CX5 high security technology starts with the unique waved security groove side milling on the key. This innovative concept activates internal side pins which control an auxiliary locking bar.
The security groove allows for hundreds of possible independent keyways for each key profile.

CX5 cylinders have a secondary point of locking control which results in a key cylinder that is virtually bump proof and pick resistant.


Masterkey Systems

We can supply and install masterkey systems for all levels of security, from residential to offices, schools and businesses and multi-tenant buildings and shopping malls.

From 2 doors to hundreds we can configure a system that will allow you to provide the right level of access to the right people without compromising your security.

door hardware

Doors, Door Frames and Door Hardware

From entrance knobs and levers to deadbolts, hinges, door closers and panic bars, We can provide and install the complete range of security products for your needs.

Contact us with your specifications or ask for our advice.

Let Candoo Security be your full solution provider for all your security needs.

automatic door operator

Automatic Door Operators

Automatic door operators allow Barrier-Free access providing customer convenience and trouble free access for persons with disabilities.

We offer installation and service By our qualified Technicians in the GTA.

On most Makes and Models Automatic doors operators can be controlled by push buttons or by motion sensorís mounted near the door. An OPJ safety device detects presence at the door thus preventing activation. If the door detects resistance during operation it will stop the process and reset itself.


Weatherstripping and Door Sweeps

Weatherstripping is a material used to seal gaps around windows and exterior doors.

Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows all combine to make up the "energy envelope" of your home.

Improperly sealed homes can squander 10 to 15 percent of the homeowner's heating costs and reduce the effectiveness of air-conditioning in the summer.