Candoo Security Products is a pioneer and leader in window bar fabrication and design.

Our window bars are specifically fabricated to highest industry standards.

Our wide range of industry leading window bar styles and design are designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements while providing exceptional quality and cost effective pricing.

window bars

Keyed Bars

A Candoo Security Innovation and now widely accepted in many commercial and residential applications.

Keyed Bars allow quick removal and installation through a keyhole mechanism.

folding window bar

Folding Bars

Constructed .5 inch square steel tubing and rivoted together to form a 7x7 inch grid.

This allows the bars to be collapsed (folded) for shipping and transportation purposes

there are different styles of mountings to suit various installation types.

decorative window bars

Decorative Window Bars

We can provide custom decorative Window bars to provide that elegant look to your homes security

window film

Security Film

Safety and Security Window Films are polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered.